A DIY Superhero Nursery | Projects

superhero inspired diy nurseryOnce we found out we were having a boy it didn’t take us long to figure out we wanted to do a superhero theme for his nursery. I’m pretty fond of DIY projects. With the help of Jake and Grandma-to-be I think we did a pretty good job! Of course with Pinterest anything is possible. 


Before Photo

Here are a few before photos. We had lived in our house for over two years and had done nothing with this room except pile it full of our junk. At the time I was well into my second trimester and feeling pretty energetic. We had a pretty generous sized room to work with. The shade of blue was too dark for a room with only one window in the middle of Michigan and it made the room look small and gloomy. The carpet needed a desperate cleaning and we definitely needed to remove all of our junk.




Prepping the room

Prepping the Room:

We prepped the room before painting by removing the junk and cleaning the carpets. Looks better but it’s still really dark and kind of depressing. Jacob patched a few holes and I removed the outlet and light switch covers. We wiped down the walls because it was pretty dusty in there. I also removed the trim because I wanted to paint it a dark gray and it would make painting a bit easier. Before we started painting, we noticed there were three vents in this room. When I removed the vent cover we realized it wasn’t a vent! It was plumbing access for the bathroom. Apparently the previous owners cut a big hole in the wall and instead of patching it up when they were finished, the slapped a big old vent cover on it instead. That explained why it was so cold in that room and the disgusting amount of bugs we found. Here Ruthanne is vacuuming up all the bugs and cobwebs before we had Jacob seal it up. The last thing we did was apply painters tape and viola! Ready to paint!



Not the best photo. The room was so dark we had to bring in extra lighting (not to mention it was winter in Mid-Michigan so what little sun we had that day didn’t last very long). This is just one coat of pain and already so much better! You can see the obnoxious hole that we later re-dry walled. Can you tell what color the room was before it was blue? A pretty crazy pinkish/purple color. No neutrals for the family before us! Two coats later and we were done painting the walls.

Door Telephone Booth


I really wanted a telephone booth door! Superman inspired! I had seen a few versions on Pinterest and I wanted to give it a go. To start, I painted the door red. This took 4-1/2 coats of Behr Ultra Primer and Paint (Color: Intrigue). If you’ve never painted with red before, it can be a bit difficult. Doesn’t cover as nicely compared to other colors. Next, we painted the panels white to complete the look. Eventually we’d like to add TELEPHONE between the top four panels.

After thoroughly cleaning the baseboards/trim, we painted them gray (Color: Cracked Pepper – Behr Ultra Primer and Paint). This took about two coats.

My Auntie gave me a pair of dressers that had already been painted white. I decided to paint one a royal blue (very similar to the previous wall color) and use it as a changing table. The other dresser I painted red and modpodged the top with comic book covers I purchased at 2nd & Charles. I ordered some wooden drawer pulls on Etsy and replaced the outdated hardware on each dresser.

Comic Book Dresser

Final Product:

It was super easy to find decorations for the room with all the DC Comics and Marvel hype. We purchased a couple of comic book frames to display and protect some of our collectible comics. I decided to go with white curtains because of the busyness of the wall decor. Luckily the window faces the West so we don’t have to worry about Ben waking up at the crack of dawn.
Superman Telephone booth inspired closet door Red and white British

Superhero Inspired Nursery DIY

DIY Superhero Inspired Nursery Final Product
I wanted a rug that looked like Captain America’s shield but the ones I found were either very expensive or not what I wanted. Instead I crocheted my own. I haven’t quite mastered the star (hence why it’s missing). Some day I may get ambitious and give it another go but I kind of like it as is.

We had fun planning and prepping the nursery for Ben’s arrival! His favorite character is currently the Incredible Hulk (affectionately called Hulky). My sister and brother in-law made this pretty awesome toy box for Ben. Complete with superhero cushion. It completes the room!

SuperheroesToy Box



The nesting instinct is strong! We made some pretty great memories just getting ready for Ben. Share your nursery DIY projects to help inspire others.