Surviving Pregnancy – Second Trimester

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the second trimester! This is the best part of pregnancy for most women. A burst of energy, the end of morning sickness (for some), and one step closer to meeting baby! If you’ve missed the post on the first trimester and would like to catch up, check it out here!

Surviving Pregnancy

The Second Trimester!

Week 14:

This is the week most couples feel comfortable sharing their good news publicly (ie. Facebook). After the first trimester, there is only a 2% chance of miscarriage. If you couldn’t wait till this point there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The decision to wait is strictly based on opinion and if you are comfortable there is nothing wrong with revealing “early.”

If you’ve been suffering from morning sickness or fatigue, you may be in luck! Pregnant women typically feel more energetic and less nauseated in the second trimester. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is different (I’m sure you’ve heard).

Baby can now frown and squint. Yay for expressions!

Things to do:

  • Plan a Babymoon: It can be a big trip or a small weekend getaway. You will feel the most energetic and ambitious during this trimester so take advantage of it.  I recommend Disney World 😉
  • Announce Pregnancy if you haven’t done so already.
  • Make sure your boss knows the good news

Week 15

Baby can now sense light! Take a break from your pregnancy research to watch this funny pregnancy video (we can still count it as research if you’d like).

Things to do:

  • Research and Discuss: Childcare, maternity leave, etc.
  • Boy or Girl: Keep track of the guesses. It can be fun to look back on and it gets friends and family involved.

Week 16

Is that gas or baby? In the beginning (especially with the first pregnancy) you may feel butterflies or what some describe as flutters. This could be baby moving around! This is called quickening, or the first fetal movements. Don’t panic! You don’t have to start kick counts until week 28. More on that later 😉

Things to do:

  • Clean and Declutter: Take advantage of that nesting instinct and deep clean/declutter the house
  • Nursery: Start thinking about where the baby will sleep and where you will keep all the baby items

Week 17

Are you finding lots of dark hair in weird and new places? Yeah, that’s normal! Thank the hormones. Just think of it as a good sign and remember, it could always be worse.

Things to do:

  • Savings Account: Think about opening a savings account for the baby. Any money they receive can be saved for future expenses like class trips or a car (hey, they’ll be 16 before you know it)!
  • College Fund: It’s never too early to plan for the future! Set up a 529 plan for your baby. You can read about the benefits here

Week 18

Baby weighs almost 7 ounces! If you’re like me, you’re wondering how that can be true when you’ve already gained ten pounds. The whole first trimester I was only happy when I was eating. Could be worse! At least I found relief in carbs.

Things to do:

  • Install or check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. It’s never too early to start creating a safe space for your bundle of joy!
  • Continue those Kegel’s. You won’t regret it.

Week 19

Baby can hear your heartbeat! How cool is that?! Round ligament pains may start to occur. All that stretching and growing can be quite uncomfortable. It’ll be worth it though!

Things to do:

  • Boy or Girl: Decide if you want to find out if baby is a boy or a girl
  • Avoid heels: Especially if it’s winter! A fall could be very bad.

Week 20

Halfway there!!! Your partner may be able to feel baby’s movements. If not, they will soon! Sometimes things like placement of the placenta can have an effect on when this happens. At this point in pregnancy, you typically have an anatomy scan. This scan will be able to examine baby’s development so far (including the four chamber of the itty bitty heart)! Doctors can rule out some birth defects and anticipate some major issues. Gender can usually be confirmed at this point.

Things to do:

  • Research Daycares: If you are planning on enrolling your baby in daycare, you should start getting on those waiting lists now! This is especially true if you love a particular place.
  • Research Pediatricians: Your OB may start asking you and you need to know before the big birth day

Week 21

Your baby is starting to grow some real hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes! He or she is looking more and more like a baby everyday.

To get you excited about your registry planning, here are five things with amazing reviews on Amazon:

Sophie the Giraffe

Everyone is a non-believer with this one until they get one. For some reason, kids LOVE this freaking giraffe. I always thought of it as a glorified dog toy (it squeaks and it’s rubbery) but teething kids absolutely love it. Do not put it in the dishwasher… that’s where the whole mold issue comes from.

Aiden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These blankets were amazing, especially for a baby born at the end of Spring. They are lightweight and super soft. I didn’t even swaddle Ben, but I used these for stroller time, in the carseat, and even as a backdrop for photos. There a bit expensive but worth it.

Frida Nose Sucker

I know what you are thinking… disgusting. Believe me, when your baby is so stuffed up they can’t even breathe, you’ll thank me. There’s actually a filter so you aren’t ingesting their snooty and boogers.

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath Pillow

I didn’t actually buy one of these but it is highly rated on Amazon and it looks super adorable and comfortable.

Boppy Nursing Pillow 

The notorious Boppy Pillow! Great for breastfeeding, propping baby up, tummy time, and other everyday family use. I didn’t use it for breastfeeding much (because I could never get it positioned just right) but I used it for a variety of other things.


Things to do:

  • Registry Fun: Start researching baby items and begin putting your registry together.

Week 22

Decide on somewhere 1-3 places to open a baby registry. Any more than that and it gets quite confusing. Here are a few different options and some of the perks they offer. We did Target, Amazon, and Babylist. My absolute favorite was Amazon but I love all things Amazon <3

Target: 15% off completion coupon and a bag of goodies

Amazon:  15% off completion coupon and a box of free goodies (value $30)

Walmart: Welcome box (You can get this free box without registering), price match,

Babies R Us: Price match, 15% off completion coupon, rewards, and free shipping

Kohls: 15% off completion coupon and free announcement cards with coupon for friends and family

Babylist: 10% off completion coupon, free box of goodies, organizes and displays all your registries in one place, and free baby shower inserts

Things to do:

  • Ask: Know someone who had a baby? Try asking for some hand-me-downs.
  • Baby Shower Guest List: Create list with the name of guests and their addresses

Week 23

They say that by week 23 your baby can recognize your voice. So you aren’t crazy if you talk or sing to your bump!

Start thinking about how you’re going to feed your baby. You can choose to breastfeed, pump, or formula feed your bundle of joy. It’s a personal decision and no one should make you feel crummy about it.

Things to do:

  • Organize Paperwork: We all have an abundance of paperwork but when you add another human being, it gets much worse. Make life easier and purge/organize what you already have. Maybe create a new filing system if need be.
  • Envision the Nursery: Checkout Pinterest for some inspiration. Be realistic about what will fit and work for you.

Week 24

This is the week of viability! This comes as a relief to many pregnant mothers (particularly those who have suffered a pregnancy loss). Viability means “the ability to survive of live successfully” or in other words the pregnancy is progressing normally and baby’s chances of living a normal and happy life are really good. With ever week from now on, the chances dramatically increase.  Medical professionals argue viability could happen between 22-26 weeks, depending on the person, pregnancy, and medical staff/procedures.

My husband absolutely refused to consider cloth diapering, but I knew money would be tight once I quit my job to become a stay at home mom (SAHM). I started stockpiling diapers to help with the new, upcoming costs. If you’re interested in doing the same, here’s a previous post with some helpful tips and tricks.

Things to do:

  • Start a diaper stockpile 
  • Date night: make time for each other, it’s only going to get more difficult 🙂

Week 25

Just 15 more weeks and baby will be here! Here are some examples of questions to discuss with your partner.

  • Will we have a hospital birth or a home birth?
  • Do we want a midwife or doctor to deliver?
  • Where will baby sleep?
  • What are your thoughts on co-sleeping?
  • Will we use disposable or cloth diapers?
  • Will we delay cord clamping?
  • Who will cut the cord?
  • Do we want baby to have the Vitamin K Injection?
  • How should we feed baby? Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?
  • How do we feel about pacifiers?
  • If it’s a boy, will we have him circumcised?
  • Who will be the pediatrician?
  • Do we want to bank the cord blood?
  • Who will be in the delivery room?
  • Will we allow hospital visitors before or after?
  • When will you contact close family about the birth?
  • Do we have a social media policy for the birth?
  • What are the plans for childcare?
  • How long will maternity/paternity leave last?
  • Do we plan on having skin-to-skin newborn care?
  • What pain management options will we consider?
  • What are the baby name options?
  • Are we telling people the baby’s name before birth?
  • Are we planning on having a newborn photography session?
  • Will the baby room in with mom or stay in the nursery?
  • Who will be responsible for baby appointments?
  • Are we having a baby shower? Diaper party? Gender reveal?
  • Do we want the eye Prophylaxis antibiotic eye ointment
  • Are we planning on having a maternity photography session?
  • Who will be responsible for what chores?
  • Who will care for baby at night and during the day?
  • What will discipline look like in our house?
  • If it’s a girl, will we get her ears pierced?
  • Who will be allowed to babysit our child?
  • When is it acceptable to start baby on solid foods?
  • What religious ceremonies are important to us?
  • If something happens, who would be the child’s guardian?
  • When it’s time, will we enroll the baby in public or private school?
  • Are there immunizations we are unwilling to get?
  • How will we focus on our relationship after we have children?
  • Do we plan on making baby food or buying it?
  • What will insurance cover?
  • Do we have any concerns about baby?

Things to do:

  • Discuss: Go over this list of questions with your partner, it may be a bit time consuming.
  • Write it Down: Memories and thoughts fade with time (especially with the help of pregnancy brain). Write down any important details you don’t want to forget.

Week 26

You will most likely have the gestational diabetes test around this time. If you fail it the first time, do not panic. It does not mean you are diabetic. They will have you retest and your doctor will decide if it’s a concern. If you’d like more information about the test click here.

Things to do:

  • Clear Your Phone: Make room for the gazillion pictures/videos you’re going to be taking.
  • Pinterest: Check out some maternity and newborn photos on Pinterest

Week 27

You’re probably over being picked and prodded by this point, but it is recommended you receive the Tdap vaccination.It helps baby’s immune system during those first few weeks of life. Doctors also recommend pregnant women consider the flu shot.

Things to do:

  • Register for Classes: Birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, infant care classes, infant CPR classes… there are just so many! Decide which ones are important and register for them now.
  • Date Night: Celebrate the end of your second trimester with your partner in a special way.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate or sponsor links. With these links Growing Up With Sam can receive a commission. These commissions help support the work and website at no additional cost to you.

10 Baby Items I’m Obsessed With

I have to say, registering for the baby shower was one of the more stressful things I had to do during my pregnancy. Basically, you are preparing for a completely new life stage in which you have zero experience with (babysitting can only get you so far). Not only that but every child is different. Not everyone likes the swing or takes a pacifier. This is a list of products I fell in love with during the first four months of Ben’s life.

Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play

I literally cried when my husband brought this thing home! Real tears! Tears of joy! My one week old would only sleep in two places… on someone or in this amazing miracle item. When he got a little older he developed reflux and sleeping on an incline did wonders for him. There are few different versions that have different features. We purchased the Auto Rock ‘N Play with Smart Connect. It rocks and vibrates, has a built in noise machine, and you can use your phone to control it. It’s fairly light and it folds up so it’s easy to transport. The price is a bit steep but worth the peace of mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again. I’m dreading the day we have to transition Ben to a crib.

I love it because: It keeps the baby safe, happy, and asleep.


4moms Infant Tub

I didn’t register for this item but I did receive it at my shower and wow. I’m super impressed! At first I thought this fancy looking tub was unnecessary and I probably wouldn’t use it much. How very wrong I was. I paired it with the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge  (for comfort and peace of mind) and we use it daily. Ben absolutely loves it!  A constant flow allows for consistent water temperature and clean water. It has a built-in thermometer that beeps at you if the temperature gets too hot. This is another product I don’t want Ben to grow out of.

I love it because: It keeps the water clean and a consistent, safe temperature. Plus it’s comfortable for baby.


Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is a great way to bond with your baby and keep them close. When a stroller just won’t do, this thing is gold. Sometimes there are obstacles like stairs and unlevel terrain that would make a stroller more of a hassle than a convenience. That’s where this comes in. Everyone is different but I would recommend at least trying it. When we bought this, Jake told me he wouldn’t be wearing it. Now he even fights me for it sometimes. We just purchased an inexpensive model from Babies R Us. The model itself isn’t anything special but I do like that it can be worn up to four different ways and it’s comfortable for long periods of time. Here Ben is on our recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island.

I love it because: Alternative to the stroller that is safe and comfortable for you and baby.

 Baby Carrier - Newport RI 2016

BOB Stroller

I love my BOB. We bought this on Black Friday from Target on a whim for a great price. Both of us are so glad we purchased this. The turn radius on a jogging stroller is ridiculously awesome, off-roading is a breeze, and it glides on smooth surfaces. You can purchase a car seat adapter like this one to create a click & go system. There are other cool accessories you can purchase for it too. The big thing that sold me on this stroller was the weight limit – over 70 lbs! A stroller that will grow with him and to me that meant we’d save money in the long run. I would be lying if I told you I actually use the “jogging” mode much but it is nice to have that option. My only gripe – it is bulky and a bit pricey (so be on the lookout for a good deal)! 

I love it because: it’s convenient and comfortable for you and baby.

The Britax Car Seat

This has been a great car seat. It’s easy to keep clean and simple to adjust. It paired perfectly with the BOB Stroller for an easy click & go system. We purchased an additional base so we wouldn’t have to continuously install the car seat when we switched vehicles. It’s not excessively bulky or heavy. Funny I thought the car seat was getting heavier, turns out Ben was just getting bigger!

I love it because: It pairs with the BOB stroller and it’s easy to maintain and use.

Scarf Breastfeeding Cover

This thing is simply amazing. It’s the only cover I love and use regularly. It’s large and easy to wash, attractive and breathable. I’ve used it as a receiving blanket, towel, scarf, and breastfeeding cover. When I’m done breastfeeding, I can still use it as a scarf. I just purchased a second one so I can keep one in the diaper bag.

I love it because: Multiple uses, large, and easy to wash.

Backpack Diaper Bag

I would go out on a limb here and say don’t even bother with the traditional diaper bag. They’re difficult to keep organized and a pain to carry. The backpack style is so convenient. Keeps your hands free and the multiple pouches make it easy to organize (and actually zip close). Many even come with straps to fix it to a stroller. Bonus: Your husband will thank you for not making him carry something that looks similar to a purse.

I love it because: It’s roomy and convenient

I did receive this particular bag at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.  

Playmat Gym

Ben lives on this thing.

Let me tell you, it’s durable. It can handle the daily messes that come with having a baby. I just pop the top portion off, wash the mat in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and let it air dry (it dries super quick). It keeps Ben entertained with the little dangling toys and mirror and it comes with a matching pillow for tummy time.

I love it because: It’s easy to keep clean and the toys are fun for baby.

Bandanna (drool) Bibs

It took me two and a half months to actually try these out and I’m sad I waited so long! I’ve purchased a few different types and all of them seem more durable than a typical bib. They are softer, thicker, and more absorbent. I’ve received many compliments on them because they are so darn cute. Here’s Ben at the Mystic Zoo sporting his fancy bandanna bib. 

I love them because: They are cute and protect the baby’s clothes from drool and spit up.Ben Drool Bib

Sofia Giraffe

I know what you are thinking! That overpriced dog toy? Yes. For whatever reason, kids love this thing. Believe it or not it is worth the $25. It’s one of the few teething toys Ben will use. I’m just afraid of losing it.

I love it because: Baby loves it! (Easy to keep clean too)

What products can’t you live without? 

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate or sponsor links. With these links Growing Up With Sam can receive a commission. These commissions help support the work and website at no additional cost to you.