Why You Should Create Your Child an Email Address

During one of your many Pinterest binges, you may have stumbled across the idea of creating an email address for your child. I’m here to tell you two good reasons why this is a great idea!


Number one: All the good email addresses will be gone by the time your child is old enough to need and use an email account.

I really feel for the next generation. Their emails will probably look more like Yourname38276482862@mail.com. Okay, maybe not that crazy but you get the point. According to lifewire.com there were 1.9 billion email users in 2009. In just six years that number has climbed to 2.5 billion. You can expect that number to significantly increase before your child will need and use a personal email account. So you can basically reserve a decent email address by creating it now. Save your kid the struggle of creating a unique and non-humiliating email.

Most importantly…

Number Two: That baby book you’ve been “working” on is probably buried somewhere and when you do finally get it out good luck remembering half of the things you told yourself you wouldn’t forget to write down.

Most people’s phones are like an extra limb. It’s basically attached to you and accessible at all times. So why not take advantage of that? When something happens you can quickly shoot them an email and presto! Preserved memory! You can even forward it to yourself for safe keeping.

Now you’re convinced! You NEED to create an email address for your child.

Now to create an email address – very easy.

I used google because I really like all things google. You get 15GB of free storage. The average email is anywhere from 10-30KB (depending on the content and formatting). That’s at least 500,000 emails. Not bad for free. If you wrote one email every day for 18 years that would only be 6,570 so you have plenty to work with.

Remember to pick an email that sounds mature and professional. You don’t want to create one that could potentially humiliate your kid. Try to stay clear of cutesy nicknames.

Note: I would log into the account every few months to maintain some sort of account activity. An inactive email account could potentially be deleted and why take that chance?

Start Sharing – the fun part! There are many different things you can send your child so he/she can read them when you decide to give them the password.

Ideas on what to send your child:

-Letters addressed to them

-Stories you want to share

-Event Details

-Vacation Recaps

-Photos and Videos

-Forward Emails: Reservation confirmations, order confirmations, family and friend conversations

-Computer Screenshots: Social media comments and posts,

-Growth Stats


-Scanned Items: Birthday cards, invitations, movie and event tickets,

I created Ben’s email address when I was about five months pregnant and I started sending him emails right away. It’s a great way to share memories, thoughts, and feelings. I talk about the events in our lives and send him our disney confirmation emails. I’m sure one day we will have a great time reading them together.

Do you have any tips on preserving memories for your little one?