Four Reading Resources You Need

Reading is good for the mind, body, and soul! Not only is it a great form of entertainment – it can boost your vocabulary, teach you new information, melt away stress, and even improve your memory.

If you love to read, you’ll love these apps and websites. These four resources will enhance your favorite pastime and allow you to enjoy a good book more fully!


If you find it hard to keep track of the books in your life then this is the app for you! Create a want-to-read list and participate in reading challenges. You can share your opinion and get personalized recommendations based on books you’ve already read. Check out specific author profiles and discover new titles. The app is even equipped with a barcode reader for easy scans on the go. The best part? It’s free for Android and Apple! 



There is something to be said about owning the physical copy of a book. Let’s face it, books can be expensive. If you don’t mind buying used books, this site is amazing! Many of the books are under $4 and they offer free shipping on orders over $10. For every $50 you spend, Thriftbooks will send you a $5 coupon. I’ve actually received an autographed copy unexpectedly and the shipping is very quick. It’s pretty exciting stuff! There is also an app for your mobile convience. 

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Audible by Amazon

I’m basically obsessed with all things Amazon. Audible is no exception! If you spend a lot of time in the car this app is a must! Users can choose from over 180,000 titles. For me, listening to an audiobook makes my drive less stressful and much more enjoyable. There is even a Family Library feature which allows you to share your audio purchases with your Amazon Household at no additional charge.  

Click here to snag two free audiobooks just for trying Audible. Cancel anytime! After the free trial, membership is $14.95/month for one credit or $22.95/month for two credits. One credit is typically equivellent to one audio book. 

Make sure you select higher priced titles for your freebies! I usually cancel my membership once I have a few titles in my library and then renew it when I want something new.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

If you are the reader who devours books at the speed of light, then this subscription service is for you! There are books, magazines, and audiobooks included in this subscription. You can use Amazon Kindle Unlimited through all devices, including Android and Apple products (even your desktop)!

Click here to try Amazon Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days

After the free trial, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is available for $9.99/month. You can cancel anytime!

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Thanks for checking out this post! I hope you find some new ways to enjoy your favorite titles.